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Caixa International Bank | Our card services.

Credit cards

You can have two different bank cards with this account, provided you have enough money on your account: Caixa International Bank Travel Cash Card Recommended A 100% Electronic version of the Travelers Cheque, you prepay this card with up to 15,000 euros and then use it to withdraw cash at over 1 million money dispenser (CREDIT CARDS) across the world using the Maestro network.

This card is infinitely more confidential than credit cards or the Maestro ATMs card it replaced.
There is just no relation between your account and the card.
No annual cost - you pay 1% of whatever amount you load into the cards and nothing more.
You can log on to the Internet to check your balance and where the money was spent.
Cost to withdraw cash at CREDIT CARDS outside Spain is 4.47 euros per withdrawal.

International Visa and Mastercard credit cards

These cards are accepted all over the world. Your credit limit is calculated daily as half the balance on your account.
All cards are denominated in Euro but work worldwide.
Annual costs for an entry level card cost 179 euros a year.

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